For over 30 years, White Oak Construction has offered homeowners a variety of quality interior and exterior renovation services including, Kitchen Remodeling, Bath Remodeling, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Room Additions, Custom Home Builds, and much more.

Below are testimonials that our Customers have shared about their projects.



Windows and Doors

Honest Employees & Time Frame

Our experience with White Oak Construction was very good.

Our window installation was on time and very professional. His name was Chris. He took time out to answer all our questions. He was very polite and also kept his work area clean at all times. He did an outstanding job and cleaned up all the mess. We were very satisfied.

We would definitely recommend White Oak Construction. Your service was professional, your employees were honest and the time frame was very close to the estimated time. It was a good experience.

Thank you.

Mark and Cynthia Thomas


Wonderful Windows

The windows are wonderful! Just like he said. The window guy that showed up on time and painted above the bowl window and gave us the paint was wonderful!

Thanks again, Take Care and "God Bless"

Allen & Suzette


Wonderful Windows

To all staff at White Oak Construction,

I just wanted to take a few minutes of your time to tell you all what we thought of your company and it's product.

We loved the entire experience! From your polite and informative salesman, clear through to your installers. Everyone has been very courteous, and it all got done in a timely manner.

We had all of our windows replaced, and we love the new ones. Beautiful to look at, easy to open and close, and they have made a difference in our electric bill.

We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.

Thank you so much for everything!!

Mr. and Mrs. G

Lafayette, Indiana


Very Friendly & Professional

The men who came to talk to us about putting in a new window were very friendly and took time to go through everything with us without rushing us. The window was ready very quickly and the process took much less time than I had anticipated. The workers who installed our window were very friendly and professional. The two kids wanted to watch and asked questions as they were putting in the window. The workers patiently answered all their questions and made it enjoyable for the kids. We have found that our new window definitely blocks the heat from the summer sun better than the old window. When you stand in a patch of sunlight coming through the window now, you don't feel any warmth at all, while the old one would feel like you were standing in an oven. We were pleased with the process from start to finish and would gladly recommend others to use this company.

Justin L.


Improvements with Air Conditioner

White Oak recently installed 6 windows in our house. They were quick, courteous and polite. The windows are beautiful and we are very happy with them. We have already seen improvements in how much our air conditioner runs and the reduction in outside noise. Thank you again.

Thank you, Dawn W.


Positive Comments from Neighbors

I had 11 windows replaced by White Oak Construction. Lee was very polite and showed us how we could save more by taking our sets of 3 individual windows and having 1 larger window installed. Everyone I spoke with whether it was sales or installers were very polite. The windows look great. Neighbors have given positive comments. We already have seen a huge difference in the heating. The room temps stay steady. It has also been much quieter in these rooms. I can't wait to get more installed. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an honest, professional job well done.

Thank you, Travis S.


Helpful Salesperson

We just want to let you know that we are so satisfied with our new windows. The sales person! Bryan, was extremely helpful explaining the windows, how they were made, the warranty, and the cost. When the windows were installed the installer was very proficient, stayed on task and cleaned up everything when he was finished.

We would recommend White Oak Construction for any kind of remodeling that you might have.

Bill and Jama


To Begin With - AMAZING

Alan, you are an example of a good person as well as an excellent sales person. We were at first a little skeptical about what you were trying to sell us and why. Salesman of all shapes and sizes were coming out of the wood work for some time.

Please pass on to your crews that did the work that they did a fine job, also a great example of patience in answering questions and making suggestions on how to get something fixed. They were there in a timely manner and respectful of our property. Considering the kind of weather they were working in they did a fine job of picking up behind themselves.

I would and do recommend your company to do any of the work you did for us for another family.

James and Rebecca L.


Integrity in Their Work

We are extremely happy with our replacement windows. It is great not to see curtains blowing from closed windows and the sound reduction is also a plus! Our installers were very personable, respectful, knowledgable and showed integrity in their work.
We are looking forward to White Oak Construction helping us in making our first home our best investment yet!!

John and Tami V.


To Begin With - AMAZING

We wanted to see how the new siding held up during the winter and how the insulation board would help our sound and heating costs. I am pleased to report that our heating bills were significantly reduced this past winter, and the wind noise/rattle we used to have with our previous siding was almost non-existent. Quite a pleasant surprise, to say the least.

We are extremely pleased with the quality, color, and apparent durability of the siding. We have had numerous comments on the look and how well it was put on. Not knowing anything about the company other than website review, we had some anxiety about what we were getting and how the installation would truly go.

We cannot say enough about the installation crew and their attention to detail. They were very good about answering questions, going over any concerns we may have and getting our input on what they planned to do. They were very good about listening and working with our requests. We even had an add-on request and they were quick to respond and get us a quote and do they work. They took pride in their work and it showed.

The most important aspect of our recommendation comes from the response we had to any problems/issues that arose, which all will have with any big job. We were very, very pleased with the willingness of Paul to fix the things that needed fixed and making things right. He did so without hesitation and things were turned around quickly. Our thanks to him.

Lastly, we cannot forget our salesman, Lee, who spent a lot of time with us, was not pushy nor hurried. He was very helpful and made sure we understood what we were getting.

We have, and will continue to give, high marks and will not hesitate to give White Oak Construction our best recommendation based on our experience.

Greg and Sarah W.


Terrific Home Improvement

My wife and I had nine windows from White Oak installed in our house about six months ago and we are very pleased with our purchase. The windows have been a great buy for us and a terrific home improvement. Overall, we are thrilled with our new windows.

They are easy to open and close. They are easy to clean. Most importantly, they have been very useful in several respects. In areas of our home where we had them installed, they have made a difference in our energy usage and reduced our bills. In room that normally got very cold in the winter, they kept the rooms warm and comfortable and prevented drafts from getting in. In our basement, where we replaced all of the windows, the new windows have stopped water from leaking in during rains and allowed us to air out the basement on good weather days.

Our windows were installed by Phil, Bo and Tim and they did a great job. They were very pleasant, courteous and polite. They invited me to ask questions or check on their work at any time. When I did ask questions, they answered them and showed me what they were doing in a nice, professional manner. They completed their work in one day, cleaned up after themselves, and took extra time to show me what they had done and how to operate the windows.

A few weeks after they were installed, I had some problems with two windows sticking and not closing properly. When I called White Oak, they were very courteous and the guy who came out to fix them was helpful and quickly figured out and fixed the problem at no cost to us.

Our experiences with White Oak from the young man who stopped by with information while going door to door. to Alan the sales representative, to the installation team of Phil, Bo, and Tim, to follow up repair visit have all been terrific. We greatly appreciate everyone's efforts in making this a pleasant experience.

Thank you all so very much.

Sincerely, Glen and Marty G.


Dual Vent Stops

We are having White Oak replace our windows and so far, we have had two done. They are wrapping the outside so we never have to paint them again. We especially like the dual vent stops with warm weather right around the corner. We are so pleased with the windows and the efficient work that was done - can wait until all of the windows are finished. It's made such an improvement to the outside of our home and will mean more value if we ever sell. Thank you White Oak for working with us - and we would be glad to recommend your company in the future.

Mr. and Mrs. W.


Thrilled Customer

Please share my testimonial letter with Reed and everyone who was involved in completing my order. I'm thrilled with the doors and windows and sincerely appreciate your patience as I struggled to make my decision to go for it.

Best Wishes,

Kathy R.


Very Professional, Polite and Courteous

On March 18, 2016, we had eight windows installed by White Oak Construction. We are very pleased with our windows. The sales person and the window installers were very professional, polite and courteous. The windows look really nice. And we are looking forward to all our savings in the heating and cooling of our home.

Thank you so much, you are really nice people.

Joe and Karen


No Temperature Change from Room to Room

I now have purchased Energy Shield, Insulation, Roofing, Windows and Sliding Door from White Oak Construction.

All of these items have made my home very comfortable to live in. There is no temperature change from kitchen to bedroom and noise from a busy highway is not a problem anymore. I am very happy and satisfied customer of White Oak Construction Company.

Roy S.


Very Easy to Clean and Operate

I recently had new windows installed in the front of my house. I would like to thank you for a job well done. The windows are beautiful, very easy to clean and operate. They really look great. I would encourage anyone to use White Oak Construction.

Thank You,

Ms. Rockwell

P.S. I would like you to know "Dan" did an excellent job of installing the windows! He did the inside work first, then the outside. The last 2 hours he worked outside was in a down pour of rain and he never complained. I give hime a Gold Star. He also did a great job of showing me how the windows work.


Financing Readily Available

After living in my home for 22 years, I was well aware of the fact that I needed replacement windows and entry doors; however I was convinced I could not afford them. I agreed to speak with Chris and Reed simply to get an idea of the cost involved and to learn something about doors and windows in the process.

They arrived right on time and spent the evening educating me about windows and doors, and what to watch out for as I shopped. I was surprised to find out that financing was readily available and that the cost would work within my budget.

As I write this letter, my windows and doors have been installed. My house has never been this warm and quiet, and I am eagerly anticipating lower heating costs.

Everyone I've dealt with from White Oak Construction has treated me and my home with respect. From start to finish, White Oak Construction has been a professional company to work with. It didn't matter whether they were taking and placing my order, measuring, scheduling the installation or actually installing my new windows and doors; without exception, I have been impressed with how professional, polite, courteous, considerate, patient, kind, personable, thorough, efficient, punctual and clean everyone has been. They have followed through on every promise they made to me and the windows and doors really are the quality products I had been led to expect.

I whole-heartedly recommend White Oak Construction and will not hesitate to call them for my future home improvement needs.

Very Sincerely,

Kathy R.


Highly Recommend White Oak Construction

I would like to write a recommendation for White Oak Construction. They installed our new windows in November 2015. We absolutely love them. They came in one day and did the job installing 13 windows in our house. They were very efficient and friendly. Before they left, they made sure we knew all about the windows, as to how to use them. We already have had a call from a friend who is seriously considering purchasing windows from them. If you're considering new windows for your home, I would consider White Oak Construction.

Mr and Mrs Roger L.


Very Nice Workers

I am very pleased with Mr. Brown, who sold me on the windows, and the gentleman who installed them. (Two very nice men.)

Sincerely, Harriet C.


Elated with Our New Windows and Doors

Our Family is elated to have our new windows and doors. The structure and build of your product has greatly improved the cosmetics of our house. The design and functionality has immediately saved us money.

Many have complimented us and inquired about White Oak. We were highly impressed with the quality and efficiency of the install. Your crew was courteous and professional.

I am glad you came knocking on my door and introduced us to a much needed, wonderful addition to our home.

Respectfully, The O. Family


Very Smooth Process and Beautiful Windows

We would like to Thank You and your team at White Oak Construction. From beginning to end, the process was very smooth and the windows are beautiful. They have made our house look so much better.

We will highly recommend White Oak Construction to our friends that are looking for any work to be done to their homes.

You have a great product and a great team! It was wonderful having a great company that you can trust to do work on our home! Thank you to all the people we had contact with and the people behind the scenes.

Thank you!

Mr. And Mrs. M


Pleasant During Entire Process

White Oak Construction has been very pleasant to deal with over the entire process. This includes the initial meeting with Keith and Chris who introduced me to their very fine product and did the initial measurements for all the windows and doors. They both were very knowledgeable of the product and very enjoyable to deal with. Bert followed-up Keith and Chris to measure the windows and doors for a third time. They wanted to make sure that all measurements were correct prior to manufacturing the windows and doors. Bert was also very knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with.

The window and door installation was performed by Phil and his 3 man team, Tim, Josh and Ron. All four were very courteous and professional. Phil informed me exactly what they were going to do; how they were going to remove the old windows and install the new ones and then how they were going to caulk, insulate and finish the outside trim. The first day they removed all the old windows and installed all the new windows. They caulked the windows inside and insulated the outside. The second day they removed and installed the doors and wrapped the outside trim on most of the windows. The third day they finished trimming-out and caulking the windows and doors.

The whole experience with White Oak has been very pleasant. Once I agreed to purchase and installation of its product, I didn't have to think or worry about it for an instant. They did everything they said they would do and I am very satisfied with the product and the whole White Oak experience.

Daniel H.


Dear Future White Oak Construction Customer

Our venture started a few months ago with a knock on the door. I rolled my eyes and hid as my husband answered the door and heard the sales pitch of the White Oak Construction representative. I was thinking "Yea, right. We are NOT getting construction done to our house. We just had a baby, don't have the money for things and don't need to take the time out for this." However, my husband was so impressed (hard to do) with the presentation that he was willing to take this one step further and hear the next presentation of the windows. We, myself included, were definitely impressed by al of the information that was offered about the product and the company. We ended up saying yes to getting ALL new windows ( we had 33 in our house!!!) The amount of money scared met but I knew we could make it work. White Oak was willing to work with us and we are very comfortable with the payments we are making.

Fast forward to the day we go the windows, the crew was very professional and left no mess behind. We had some issues with wiring and boards around our windows. The crew continued working and were able to finish all of the issues the following day when they returned. We were told most times it only takes one day but because we had so many windows it would take two. I fully back them that they were working the whole time and two days were necessary to finish our windows. We now have working windows in all rooms of our house. Before many windows didn't open or had to be propped open.

Now that we have the new windows, I don't know how I did it before. I absolutely LOVE being able to walk into a room and open the window with ease. I can say with confidence that the White Oak Construction Company is wonderful to work with and has given us an excellent product.

Thank You, Tyler and Brittany S.


Strongly Consider White Oak for Future Projects

The White Oak crew arrived at the time I had been told they would. They got to work right away. They seemed very competent and answered the occasional question I had as they worked. When they were done, they cleaned up after themselves and showed me how the windows operated.

The windows look good and I would definitely strongly consider White Oak again for any future projects I might have.

Sincerely, Greg G.


New Windows

Thank you for installing our windows quickly and without a mess. We like them and it will help a lot come winter, I’m sure.

Sincerely, Tony and Carolyn H.


Courteous, Friendly and Professional

From Start to Finish, our experience was great! Our salesman was thorough and sold your product well. The men that installed our windows and door were courteous, friendly and professional.

We love our new windows and the door. We are happy we decided to go with White Oak.

Thank you for a wonderful product and an awesome installation!

Vicki and Craig M.


Already Exceeded Our Expectations

White Oak Construction began a project in our home that has already exceeded our expectations!

From our initial contact at the Indiana Flower and Patio Show to the installation of our new windows, the staff has been easy to work with, professional and flexible to our chaotic family. They were each courteous, not only to us, but to our sons as well. I appreciate the patience that each one of them gave to the boys as they asked questions and interrupted our consultations.

The windows themselves are wonderful! Transitioning from nonfunctional 115 year old windows to new, vinyl units with tempered glass has given peace of mind that we did not have in the first months in our new home. We cannot wait to see how having energy efficient windows effects our heating bill this winter.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your hard work. We are looking forward to continuing our window replacements very soon!

Daniel and Emily A.


Quality Windows and Excellent Crew

My wife and I have been looking to replace the windows in our home and we have researched several window companies. We scheduled on site visits to our home and found many that we did not like the product they demonstrated or felt they were over priced for what they were offering.

We were at the State Fair and there were window companies demonstrating their product. White Oak Construction had their product on display and we scheduled a demonstration in our home.

We were impressed with the product and ordered 12 windows to be installed.

We like the quality of the windows and the installation crew did an excellent job. They were very efficient and made very little mess and what mess they did make was cleaned up and they left our home in the condition it was in before they came. We were so pleased with the windows and installation that we have ordered five additional windows.

Joe and Gloria E.


Clear Communication and Skillful Installation

White Oak Construction installed a new front door and two front windows in our home. The representatives did a great job explaining the product and showing us the different options. They communicated clearly about the process, the timeline and the costs. The workers were courteous and skillful on installation day. They answered my questions throughout the day and made sure that we were satisfied with how everything looked.

We are excited about the energy saving features of our new windows, and they are easy to use. The door looks great too, and is more secure and sturdy than our old one. We were pleased with both the work and the final product offered by White Oak.



Professional and Efficient

It has almost been a month since our windows were installed. The installers were very professional and efficient. I really love my 2 slides in the front. We are finally able to get fresh air in the front of the house. The cats hate them but oh well! I also like the screen door on our new patio door. Locks on the inside only, and only an edge to push. It is really nice to not have 2x4 pieces holding up our bedroom windows. We are extremely pleased with our windows.

Thanks again, Joe and Renee R.

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Roof and Gutters

Home and Garage

Was so pleased with the roofing job you did on our home and garage. It looks beautiful, so nice, neat and clean. What a great job.

And all workers were really nice and good workmanship.

The Browns


New Gutters and Gutter Boards

We are very happy with our new gutters and gutter boards. We were already thinking of having them replaced with a cover to prevent all the leaves and seeds from getting into and clogging the drains. Your representatives, Nick and Richard, came and showed us your designs and materials. We were impressed and learned of the grate/mesh cover being superior to the solid cover, and we are very happy with the results. Especially since we've been having lots of storms since their one-day installation, which was very impressive on it's own.

Thank you very much for the new gutters and we'll definitely consider you in the future for future projects.

Jacob and Stephanie Haas


Durable Material

My husband and I are very pleased with our new gutters. The material seems very durable. We got the 6" gutter, which we needed for our house. We had 4" and it wasn't doing the job.

The contractors cam about 8:00 a.m. and was done at 11:30 a.m. Did a very good job of taking the old gutter down and checking the board all around the house that the gutter was to be attached to. Some had to be nailed down, but other than that, it was good.

They cleaned up everything and took our old gutter away. They were very nice men, friendly and told us if anything didn't suit us to make sure and call White Oak.

It was just two weeks after we bought it and they were here and had it up. Our house looks so much nicer.


Patty P.


Neat, Helpful & Informative

Your company just recently finished the construction on the soffit and gutters at our home. The finished product turned out beautiful. We are so pleased. The crew that did the work were pleasant to deal with. They were neat, helpful and informative. I would recommend your company at a moment to any who were needing construction done at their facility.

Thank you so much for a job well done.

Jim & Teresa H.


Skeptic Turned Believer

We decided to purchase new gutters for our house, even though I wasn't too thrilled about the idea.

When the Director of Marketing came and talked to us about our old ones, I decided he knew what he was talking about. I guess our old gutters were not even working at all. We had leaks all over the place, puddles at the back doors and water getting into our garage because of the puddles. I couldn't walk out of the door on a rainy day without getting bonked on the head from a drip in the gutters. Every time!

Within a few weeks, the guys were here, had the old gutters down and new ones up within 4 hours. They were all so nice and completely cleaned up any mess they had made. They were also nice enough to point out to us something that needed our attention on our roof. How nice of them to do that.

Anyway, we want to say thank you to White Oak Construction on the great job they did on our new gutters.

Carol and Luke C.


Great Job on Our New Gutters

We are very pleased with our new gutters from White Oak Construction. They are larger and more durable than our previous ones, and being color-coordinated with our home's exterior, they enhance the appearance of our home. The screws and brackets used to attach the new gutters to our house are much better than the nails that were used previously, and leaf guards were attached securely to the tops of the new gutters in areas where we requested them. The workers were courteous and professional, and the workmanship and quality of the installation is excellent. We were also pleased that all of the debris was cleaned up and removed when the job was done. We wold definitely recommend White Oak Construction for all home improvement work.

Van and Sharon P.


I Love My New Gutters

I want to thank you guys on your job that you have done to my house. I love the color of my new gutters. It took less than a week to do it! They did a nice job cleaning up when they were done. I've had a lot of compliments on my house. They like your job so much that I gave your name out. I hope you don't mind. Thank you very much.

Thank you,

Bonnie L.


New Garage Roof & Siding on Garage Gable

This letter is to advise all involved in my home repairs, that I appreciate your kind and thorough workmanship. The timely manner in which it was completed was also appreciated.

Thanks Again,

Barbara S.


Thank You for Being So Nice

The crew was here at 8:00 in the morning and started tearing the roof off and by 10:00, it was ready to put on the new shingles. I can't say enough about the crew and how hard working they were. By noon, everything was done, cleaned up and we had a beautiful new blue roof.

We would recommend White Oak Construction to anyone. They did a great job and we are very well pleased.

Thanks Again,

Dan and Esther S.


Great Job, Even in Poor Weather

White Oak Construction replaced the gutters on my mother's home. The workmen arrived on time and were very friendly and knowledgable. They completed the job in excellent time, even though weather conditions were poor. The gutters are a high quality product and look great on the house.

I would highly recommend White Oak Construction for anyone's gutter needs.

Thank you,

Geralyn C.


Compliments on Gutters

I want to thank you guys on your job that you have done to my house. I love the color of my new gutters. It took less than a week to do it! They did a nice job cleaning up when they were done. I've had a lot of compliments on my house. They like your job so much that I gave your name out. I hope you don't mind. Thank you very much.

Thank you,

Bonnie L.


Great Workmanship

You had a great crew that came out to my house that replaced my gutters. Very friendly guys and very knowledgeable. They tore off the old gutters and cleaned up their mess. They did a very good job putting up the new ones. With people like you, your business will do very good. They look so much better than my old gutters!

I am very happy with your workmanship!



Salesmanship and Installation

I contracted with White Oak Construction to install new gutters on my house, about 4 years after I had them install doors and windows. The work on the gutters has now been completed. In truth, I was not quite in the market for new gutters just yet, but knew that I wanted to have them installed at some point.

Regarding the salesmanship, White Oak presented me with the facts I needed to make the decision to buy: (1) cost comparison to inferior products and to similar products, (2) demonstration of the superior materials and design of theirs compared to typical gutters, and (3) much better installation with brackets and screws instead of nails.

Regarding the installation, the work crews showed up on time, and were courteous and professional. They cleaned up their work areas completely and removed all the materials they replaced.

I am very pleased with the entire process and outcome. I appreciate the way White Oak operates their business: (1) they made a top-quality product, (2) they executed an efficient and quality installation, and (3) they provide meaningful lifetime warranties with transfer rights. I am confident that I have the best gutters available anywhere for my home.

Thank you for making my home a better place. I highly recommend White Oak Construction to others seeking to improve their homes.

Sincerely, Richard V.


Fine Work and Professional Manner

Your roofing crew has finished and I wish to thank you and your company of the fine work and professional manner that you solved my problem of an aging, rotting roof. From my first phone call, where I spoke with a knowledgable, real person, I knew I had contacted the right firm. Your visit with your careful explanation of materials and process made me feel even more comfortable. I was glad to hear that your company does not use subcontractors. The man who delivered the materials was aware of where I wanted them placed before I went out to speak with him. The construction crew arrived as expected and quickly and efficiently got to work. They covered my shrubbery to protect it from any falling debris. I was amazed at how well they worked together to strip off the old layers of roof and the obsolete solar unit. In a few short hours they were finishing up the sealing around the chimney and cleaning up the rubble.

A beautiful new roof is the only evidence that anyone was even here. Now I can face the prospect of many years of winter snows and ice with peace of mind. Thanks to you and your company.

Alice M.


Peace of Mind

A knock at our door turned from an annoyance to peace of mind.

At this time of high prices and economic uncertainty, watching a crack inour ceiling was becoming harder to ignore everyday. The salesman from White Oak Construction set us up an appointment for the following day with their Marketing Manager.

After inspecting our roof, attic and gutter system, he took photos and spent a good deal of time with us answering all our questions.

Rain Pro’s larger than standard gutter bottom and downspout deliver increased water handling capacity over a standard gutter. Rain is removed quickly, protecting your roof and home from potential water damage.

We were so relieved to learn our problem was solved with replacing our guttering and not having to replace our roof.

Beverly M.


Works Together to Get it Done Right

We understand just why White Oak Construction has been in business for 30 years by your good work that is done. It takes all of the crew group working together to get it done right.

We had never heard of your company until that young man (Jon Mathis) came knocking on our door. He was very polite and nice speaking. Then we met you (Randy and Jeff). It's good to meet strangers and talk about God in our home.

We want you to know that the roofing crew was a super good crew. They all were polite and went right to work without goofing off or on cellphones. We know of workers fooling around instead of working. We couldn't get over having the old roof off, new roof on, all the mess hauled off, and they even used a blower to clean up - all in six hours.

Then the guttering crew came. Same thing. A new polite group, no goofing or on cellphones, and the mess was cleaned up - in 3 hours.

Keep up all your good jobs and specially crew people. God is sure blessing your company.

Thank you and God Bless to all of you at White Oak Construction.

Jim and Virginia C.


Quality Work Even in the Snow

I had gotten new gutters this past February 2015. There was a lot of snow on the ground. The staff came and went to work right away. The staff were professional, knowledgeable and friendly.

I feel confident that a quality job was completed. My gutters look great. Thank you for your time and patience.

Dianne C.


New Roof, Affordable Price

After living in my current residence almost 3 years, I knew that it was time for a new roof. I had not even begun the process when I was contacted by a representative of White Oak offering a free quote on whatever I needed done. Long story short, White Oak Construction installed a new roof just months later. I cannot begin to describe how thrilled I am with the service provided. My roof was completely replaced in one day. I can't stop looking at it when I go outside. My neighbors have given me several compliments. The price of a new roof, while never something one can be happy about, with White Oak Construction was reasonable and I had several options available to me that made it affordable. I have several projects that I wish to do in the future and will definitely be using White Oak again.

Sincerely, Hannah T.


Roof Replacement

I'm writing to express my absolute satisfaction with the roof replacement you did on my house this week. Everyone I dealt with at your company acted in a completely professional, yet friendly manner. Any questions I had were answered concisely and clearly. I knew the project would be difficult because of the odd angles, steep pitches and the massive area. The work went remarkable quick due to the obvious expertise of your well-trained crew. I expected the results to be good, but what I saw at the end of the day yesterday is truly impressive. The roof looks great, the yard is clean and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thanks again! Davis H.

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